The requirements of healthy skin differ from winter to summer. Ensure your skincare products suit the season – and your skin.

Swap Crèmes with Gels or Lotions
During the cooler months our skin tends to be more dehydrated, therefore craving rich, nourishing crèmes. However, during summer when the humidity is high, it requires lighter weight products like gels or lotions. These products will still provide hydration without feeling heavy or oily, while offering an additional cooling sensation. Try Derma e Soothing Moisturiser with anti-ageing Pycnogenol.

Swap Vitamin A with Vitamin C
Vitamin A is fantastic during winter for resurfacing dry, rough, ageing or blemish prone skin, however in summer Vitamin A may cause the skin to be sensitive to the sun. Moreover, with the increased sun exposure in summer, your skin is more prone to free radical damage – the reason for premature skin ageing. To help fight free radical damage, look for antioxidant serums like Derma e Firming Serum with Vitamin C, Alpa Lipoic and DMAE.

Swap Granular Exfoliants with Enzymatic Exfoliants
During winter, granular exfoliants are great for removing the build-up of dry and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. In summer, why not try an enzymatic exfoliant to clean deeper into those pores? Derma e Overnight Peel is a great time saver as it works while you sleep.

Swap Hydrating Masks with Balancing Masks
During the cooler months when skin is dehydrated, a hydrating mask is a great way to boost moisture, but in summer when our skin becomes oiler and more prone to breakouts, try using a deep-cleaning mask that will absorb excess oil and draw out impurities. The new Derma e Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask is designed specifically for oily, urban or active skin types – great for those who love to stay fit and active over summer.

Swap to a broad spectrum sun protection
Wearing an SPF is essential all year round but in summer it is important to look for a broad spectrum SPF that will provide protection against UVA and UVB damage. Try Cancer Council SPF30 Face Moisturiser with tint. It provides SPF30 protection, hydration and a light tint to smooth the complexion.