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Our Frequently Asked Questions showcases many commonly asked questions and answers that our visitors and customers might have. Please check below to see if your question has been asked and answered - and if not - please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.

Product Usage Questions

I am the mother of an active toddler and a newborn. Can you please tell me how to keep my skin well cleansed and nourished in the shortest time possible. My skin is quite sensitive and generally dry.
How do we keep our body hydrated even at night when too much liquid consumption before bedtime would only result in frequent visit to the loo?
I’m unsure whether to use serum before moisturiser in the morning or just the evening before sleep or both? I have read various suggestions and remain confused?
I am wondering which products should I use after excess sun exposure?
I am currently using a Vitamin C Serum at night. I have normal-dry skin and want to minimise wrinkles. Am I on the right track?
Why do I need to exfoliate?
I have used eye cremes before but they make my eyes feel uncomfortable. What do you recommend?
Can I use your products if I’m pregnant or nursing?
What’s the best way to layer leave-on products?
How should one’s skin care routine change in winter to ensure skin stays healthy?
Are serums particularly good in winter?
How can we repair any winter skin damage?

Skin Type or Concern Questions

What is the most important ingredient you would recommend for aging skin? I am 43 with a normal-dry skin type. I am starting to see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Help!
I have recently turned 31 years old and I am just wondering should I start worrying about premature ageing? And if so, what kind of skincare routine or product should I start incorporating into my regime?
I tend to have forehead small bumps pimples under the skin and sometimes all over face. What can cause that and how can I treat it.
I have combination and sensitive skin. I would like to try your full range of product. What would you recommend?
I’m allergic to almost everything. What derma e products would work for me?
I wake up with really puffy eyes in the morning. Do you have anything that will counteract this?
I have a skin problem that is leaving me wondering what to do. I am 45, and oddly enough, my skin is as oily as it was when I was a teenager. But I hesitate to use many of the oil-zapping products on the market, because I am afraid that they wi
I have very sensitive skin with broken capillaries on my cheeks. How I can get rid of this or is there some way of toning them down at least?
I find that my skin is more congested in summer. How can I treat or prevent blackheads?
I have very dry skin with blackheads. What do you recommend?
How should I be preparing my skin for winter conditions?
How do winter conditions affect specific skin types?

General Questions

Will your products make me break out?
What is your skincare advice for men? Do they need to use different products?
Can my diet affect my skin?
Why is there no toner in the Australian range?
How do typical summer conditions affect your skin?
How do typical winter conditions affect our skin?
I have cracks at the corners of my mouth. What is the best skin care product to use on it?
We tend to stay at home more and go to bed early in winter. How can we utilise this time to take better care of our skin?
I am curious: how does the sun affect my skin in summer and how can I prevent any damage?
What does AHA and BHA stand for and do I need to use them?