With derma e® Hydrating Eye Crème,you’ll see younger, smoother results!

We put our best-selling eye crème to the test

To ensure our Hydrating Eye Crème with ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid lives up to its promise of promoting younger, smoother eyes, we put it to the test. Does it really conquer dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet? Here’s what we found.

Goodbye Crow’s Feet

Results measured after 12 weeks of use

  • • 30% decrease in total wrinkle volume
  • • 26% decrease in total wrinkle area
  • • 15% decrease in total wrinkle depth

So Long, Signs of Aging

Participants noticed younger-looking eyes

  • • 97% reported visible improvement in deep wrinkles
  • • 86% reported visible improvement in sagging
  • • 83% reported visible improvement in puffiness

Eye am Absolutely an Advocate

  • • 93% would repurchase this product
  • • 89% would recommend this product to a friend or colleague
  • • 76% reported improvements to dryness, dehydration and dullness

Participants said...

  • “I can see a visible difference”
  • “My dry, bumpy spots are gone”
  • “My eyelashes grew”
  • “My skin tag was reduced in size”
  • “It is very light and doesn’t feel greasy when I put it on
  • under my moisturizer and foundation”