Healthy Skin, Healthy World

Everything we do considers people, the planet and our purpose. Not only do we care about what we put on and in our bodies, but also about what eventually ends up in our waters and ecosystems. We believe we should all do our part to make a positive difference in the sustainability of our world.

Derma E - Environment

We’ve Got The Power!

At Derma E, we are incredibly aware of our environment and have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. To this end, we’ve been manufacturing our environmentally friendly skin care products using wind energy since 2007. This allows us to offset 100% of our conventional energy use, which is a huge achievement. This awesome outcome is a result of purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), helping to support the growing renewable energy market around the world.

What About Sustainability?

We’re incredibly proud to help promote and facilitate sustainable lifestyles with our environmentally friendly skin care ranges. Sustainability means that we want to protect our natural environment, whilst not compromising our way of life. So we reduce the amount of materials that are sent to landfills by ensuring that all our packaging components are 100% recyclable. We want to prevent excess waste from entering our precious environment, so you won’t see any unnecessary packaging extras here!

We also believe in sourcing non-GMO ingredients to support sustainable global crop soils; any fragrances added to our products are naturally derived as this limits water contamination and air pollution. At Derma E, we are dedicated to helping our planet heal itself!

Derma E - Environment